Existing creative apps for designers are not suited to today's web.

We're forced to put up with dated tools and a disjointed workflow because there are no real alternatives. We need something new.

Project Meteor is a campaign to demonstrate the demand for a modern web design app and give app developers direction as to what it should be.

The apps we currently use are software dinosaurs, and it's about time we had an extinction event… it's time for someone to deliver the meteor that causes it.

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Do we really need this?

Yes, we do! Designers have been writing about the need for a better web design app for some time.

How Can I Help?

Spread the word. If you agree that current tools don't cut it, tweet this to add your voice to the campaign.

Are you a indie developer or a software house? We'd like to make Project Meteor a reality and are happy to consult with you to make that happen - Contact us.

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